About Us

nav2_02We are a modest lot, in number and philosophy. So we need take ourselves no more seriously than we have to! Naturally, in structure we are very similar to the ‘big bodies’:A Committee elected at the AGM, of four executive members, and five committee members, three trustees, and ad hoc sub-committees as called for. And not the least, an energetic youth representation.

Compared with other Zoroastrian associations we are a small group, counting 151 family/single memberships of approximately 310 souls. We are a motley lot from varied backgrounds trailing assorted talents from all parts of the world. This makes us a vibrant, interesting and motivated group. And of course, true to our Baste Kustian ethos we make sure that we come up with at least three opinions for every two Zarthostis!
It’s fun. Keeps us on our toes.

On a more serious note, we do not ignore our gratitude and duty to our country of adoption, nor to our mother country. We follow their well being and their woes, give and participate appropriately to share in each country’s joys and sorrows.

Where are we headed? I’m not quite sure. By the time each president and his/her committee take their bearings their year of office is up, and in comes a new set of brooms, always with such a flourish of enterprise that it is in the first rush of their fervor that we are invariably swept ahead. The direction may differ from the previous committee’s, but make no mistake, it is always AHEAD. Our recent big move ‘AHEAD’ is our newly streamlined news bulletin “RATHAESHTAR” – news, views, profiles and articles of interest. Each Committee vies to do better than the last and is very inventive in organising new forms of entertainment and interests for the members.