Our committee members come from a variety of backgrounds and have a huge range of skills.
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Name: Kazween Boiko   |  Email:

Vice President

Name: Mr Khurshed Mirza| Email:


Name: Mr Cyrus Tengra | Email:

General Secratary

Name: Mrs Betty Khosravi Yazdi | Email:

Membership Secretary

Name: Mrs Maharukh Billimoria | Email:

Building Sub-Committee Chairperson

Name: Mr Kaivan Antia | Email:

Seniors Sub-Committee Chairperson

Name: Mrs Roda Namdarian | Email:

Events Sub-Committee Chairperson

Name: Mr Narius Sethna | Email:

Youth Sub-Committee Chairperson

Name: Ms Jenai Shroff | Email:

Committe Members

Mrs Kazween Boiko | Mr Khurshed Mirza | Mr Cyrus Tengra | Mrs Betty Khosravi Yazdi | Mrs Maharukh Billimoria | Mr Kaivan Antia | Mrs Roda Namdarian | Mr Narius Sethna | Ms Jenai Shroff |