ZoroastrianĀ Religion:
Was brought to light by the great prophet SPITAMA ZARATHUSHTRA. The exact date of the birth of our religion is still being debated by scholars. However, it is widely believed that our religion started about 5000 years ago, in ancient Persia (today Iran).

Long before Zarathushtra was born, his arrival was proclaimed in the sky by visions of his FRAVASHI (soul). The heavens made this known in different supernatural ways. At the moment of his birth, his mother’s home was engulfed in a brilliant halo of devine light, while gloom filled the forest and wilderness where demons roamed.

The parents of Zarathushtra were POURUSHASPA and DOGHDOVA. Zarathushtra was born in the town of Rae, on the river Darji, in the province of Azarbaezan, on KHORDAD the sixth day of the month FRAVARDIN, in about 3000 B.C. The babe smiled at his birth and the onlooking parents were filled with great love, joy and hope for the future. Knowing the child’s destiny, they named him Zarathushtra of the Spitama family (He of the golden light).

The evil forces tried to hinder Zarathushtra’s path by subjecting him to various dangers. However, Zarathushtra came unscathed from all of these.