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the Zoroastrian Association of Victoria

The Zoroastrian community in Victoria continues to flourish from it's humble beginnings when the first Parsi family settled here in 1956 from Mumbai. Since then, the community has grown quite large and has an active presence in Melbourne. The Zoroastrian Association of Victoria (ZAV) is now almost 34 years old, and has seen contributions from various community members over the years.

We Melbourne Zoroastrians are extremely passionate and committed to creating a community for the future, one that encompasses our core values and beliefs as a Zoroastrian. We have also had a wider impact in the state of Victoria, increasing awareness and education among the Victorian Government through participation in various programs and grants.

Within the state of Victoria, the ZAV is an essential resource that connects the community and organises a plethora of events for not just Zoroastrians but the surrounding local community as well. From New Year events to Christmas functions, from Amazing Races to Trivia Nights, from jashans to the traditional ghambars, there is something for everyone. This not only helps to provide our community with a platform to keep our traditions alive, but also helps us to give back to the wider community that we are a part of, through charitable donations and community work.​

Living up to the Australian philosophy of multi-culturalism, Zoroastrians practice religious tolerance, respect for all, and recognize our duty and responsibility to Australia. We welcome you all to our community with open arms and we look forward to tons of majha (fun) and masti (mischief).

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