Zarthost no Deeso Jashan and Sunday School

Sunday 23 May, Khorshed Roj and Dae Mahino being the death anniversary of our beloved Prophet Vakshure Vakshuran Zarathushtra Spitama, a Jashan will be performed by ZAV  to commemorate this solemn occasion.

The Jashan will be streamed online from 11:00 am. The prayers will conclude with a Hum Bundagi (prayed together by all) for everyone’s well-being. We encourage everyone to participate in this.

You can view the live stream through Zoom at the below link:

ZAV Friday Night Prayers Zoom link

The Jashan will be held at Unit 14, 56-68 Eucumbene Drive, Ravenhall. Those who wish to attend the prayers at the above address are welcome, however, kindly RSVP in advance so we can manage the numbers to ensure compliance with the Covid-19 regulations.

For those who wish to offer sukhad in the prayers, you can do so by purchasing ZAV Sukhad ($5 or $ 10 per piece) which will be used during these prayers. The money can be remitted directly to the ZAV account.

Kindly email your Sukhad order (number of pieces) latest by 5:00 pm on Tue 21 May. 

After the Jashan, our Sunday School teachers will give a 10-minute talk on the importance and relevance of the Jashan ceremony and provide handouts.

We strongly encourage you to attend the Jashan with your children as it will provide a unique opportunity for the children to view the Jashan ceremony and then understand its significance.

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